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what are the difference between double equal(==) and triple equal(===)?

Double equal will check only the value. But the triple equal will check not only the value but also the type.

What is react?

React is a javascript library for building UI. It is a declarative, efficient, and flexible javascript library. Every reacts application build depends on components. It’s also components-based architecture. It’s a virtual DOM that depends on elements’ behaviors.


JSX means JavaScript XML. We know React is a JavaScript framework. So in…

If you are in love with javascript, then you should know these 10 things.

  1. try…catch

Probably you faced errors during coding, isn’t it? And this is so annoying for every programmer. There are a couple of tricks to handle the code errors, try…catch is one of them. …

Do you get confused so often with these 10 javascript methods? Let’s explore a bit more….

1.String indexOf()

If you want to find a specific position of a value, then you can use the indexOf() method. But you should remember that it’s a case-sensitive method. Here is an example-


Uses of some javascript methods

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